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Universal Metal Ring Grip Holder With Hook In Gold

  • - Slides over your finger as you take calls on your smartphone, making it harder to drop and tougher to swipe but easier to control
  • - Works as a horizontal and vertical kickstand
  • - Compact and rotates 360 degrees and swivels 180 degrees
  • - Simple and unobtrusive design, made of 4k tension stable solid
  • - Can be applied & removed anytime w/o leaving any excess residue
  • - Pressure sensitive adhesive can be run under water when dirty and be reapplied again and again
  • - Holds up to 15 lbs making it also suitable for phablets, iPads and other tablets
  • - Mount in your vehicles dashboard, home and/or office for easy viewing
  • - Can also be used to hang a phone on the wall or in the car for hands-free calls
  • - Dimensions (plate): 1.4''x1.6''Weight: 2oz